Local Current: Get Out and Vote!

  June 6, 2018 Dear Colleagues, The Ontario Provincial Election is on June 7. No matter which political party is in power, education is always affected. It’s clear that the people of Ontario want change. Now, more than ever, it is important that UGETFO members exercise their democratic right to vote. Vote for a change […]

ETFO Building Better Schools Lawn Signs

May 15, 2018 Dear Colleagues, During the 2018 provincial election campaign, ETFO is working to ensure that important education issues are discussed and debated by the political parties, party candidates, and the public. To help promote ETFO’s Building Better Schools agenda, ETFO has created lawn and window signs for the Provincial Election. Signs are available […]


Committee Chairs: Lisa White & Jennifer Hesch Goals and Objectives To educate the public and influence stakeholders regarding education politics To build alliances with other organizations To promote a positive image of the teaching profession and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario