September Checklist for UGETFO Members

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7     Welcome Back UGETFO Members!

Every September we like to remind our members to check over their personal schedules and to watch out for errors with their Prep Time, Supervision, Lunch Hour, and Warning / Early Entry Bells.

The following is a checklist of items to look for:


___ must be in blocks of 30 minutes or more

___ is within the MINIMUM range for the teacher based on FTE*

___ is self-directed

___ is distributed equitably

___ is not covered by the Principal or VP

___ does not occur on alternating weeks

___ is within the MAXIMUM range for the teacher based on FTE*

___ is distributed equitably

___ does not occur on alternating weeks/ months / terms

___ allows all teachers to have a 40 minute uninterrupted lunch hour

___ does not extend beyond 30 minutes before or after the school day

___ there are no “extra” people added into the duties

___ duties don’t extend beyond their scheduled time slot

___ all supervision duties are of students – not cleaning, organizing, etc.

___ members are not required to direct traffic, or assist at crosswalks



___ if there is a warning / early entry bell, it must be counted as supervision duty on the schedule and does not occur in the classrooms

___ teachers are not required to be in their classrooms to receive students until the bell rings to start the instructional    day


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