2016 – 2018 Election Results

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Local elections were held May 19.  Thank you to all who participated in the process, either putting their nominations forward as candidates or in attending the meeting.

Your Local Executive for the 2016 – 2018 term:

President:  Gundi Barbour
Vice President:  Krista Pedersen
Chief Negotiator:  Jennifer Hesch
Status of Women Chair:  Adrienne Bell
Treasurer:  Scott Montgomery
Executive at Large:  Kei Fanjoy, Graham Fiddes, Cecilie Rosarius, Heike Schiller, Lisa White
Executive Regional:  Dufferin —  Pamela Edwards, Daniel Opper;  Wellington — Melissa Wilkinson, Sharon Williams;  Guelph —  Tanya Hipfner, Devon Moore, Jeanette Sales

I look forward to working with the newly elected team who assume office on July 1, 2016!

Special thanks to Marina Howlett, Returning Officer and Susan Lott who assisted her.  Both women worked tirelessly on the election materials and process.
We would also like to thank the Upper Grand Occasional Teachers who worked as Poll Clerks,  Deputy Parliamentarians Ruth McLean, Pat Kalapaca, Ralph Rainford, and especially our Parliamentarian Lynda McDougall.

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