Smiley Chimps Toy Drive Donation

Upper Grand ETFO is proud to once again support the Smiley Chimp Toy Drive. When one of our teachers brought the Smiley Chimp Toy Drive to our attention in 2013, the Upper Grand ETFO Executive was inspired by Sheyanne O’Donnell’s desire to bring holiday joy to other children at McMaster Children’s Hospital, even while she […]

Stone Soup Project supporting 40 Baker St

At our October 17, 2016 Stewards’ Meeting, Laurie Garbutt shared her Stone Soup Project in support of 40 Baker St in Guelph. If you are interested in participating, please contact Laurie to arrange a date to participate. Based on the traditional story, the project encourages members of your group (staff, class, book club, family, group […]


Committee Chair: Kei Fanjoy Goals and Objectives To inform our members about issues related to equity To work with community groups that share common purposes To provide activities that relate to both personal/professional development To work on ensuring inclusive curriculum in the classroom