ETFO Humanity Fund

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What can a dime a day do?

Upper Grand ETFO supports the ETFO Humanity Fund and provides the opportunity for members to contribute with a once-a-year $19.40 donation via payroll deduction. This contribution amounts to a dime a day for the 194 days of the school year. Click on the link or read below to find out more about the fund. When you’re ready to sign up to make your donation, print off the form, fill it in, and send it to Krista Pedersen at Orchard Park. Now you’re making a difference!


Click here to download a pdf copy of the form: Humanity Fund Payroll Deduction Form


1. The Beginning:

Delegates at the ETFO 2001 Annual Meeting overwhelmingly passed the following resolution:
“THAT ETFO establish a Humanity Fund based on the Steelworkers’ Humanity Fund Model.”

2. Local Support:

On October 12, 2005 Upper Grand Executive passed the following Motion:
“THAT Upper Grand ETFO provide members with the voluntary opportunity to contribute $19.40 to the ETFO Humanity Fund once per school year in the form of a payroll deduction.  This will occur as an opt-in opportunity with the first deduction starting in the fall of 2006.”

3. What It Is:

The ETFO Humanity Fund is a charitable foundation established in 2001 that uses the resources of ETFO members to support projects overseas and here in Canada that Teachers find the most urgent.  Priorities for support are children and Teachers.

A number of ETFO locals, such as Halton, Bluewater, Waterloo, and Toronto, already decided to contribute to this fund through payroll deduction.

In creating a humanity fund ETFO has joined the United Steelworkers of America (Canada) (USWA), the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP), the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW), and the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) in providing members with an opportunity to contribute directly to provincial, national and international solidarity work.

4.     What The Fund Does:

ETFO’s Humanity Fund:
Establishes grassroots connections between donors and recipients so both may realize real life impacts of their efforts;
Raises money to address provincial, national and international needs;
Enhances ETFO’s identify as a socially active union;
Provides ETFO members the opportunity to participate as global citizens;
Strengthens ETFO’s relations with like-minded organizations; and
Fosters a sense of pride among ETFO members.

The Humanity Fund supports a variety of charitable projects as more locals join in to support the cause.  Presently, the signature charity is the Stephen Lewis Foundation which funds more than 60 organizations in 14 countries that grew out of HIV and AIDS concerns.

The money raised sponsors disaster relief projects and programs directed toward education and child welfare.  Fifteen per cent (15%) of the money collected by the fund will be spent in Canada, the remaining 85% in developing countries.
5.     How It Is Funded:

The Fund is supported by contributions of a dime a day (less than $20/year) from participating members.  The contribution is by way of one payroll deduction of $19.40.  A voluntary sign-up to enlist participation in the fund began as of January 2006.

For charitable purposes, the deduction is reported on the T4 by the payroll department so that charitable receipts are not issued.  If someone wants to donate more than $30.00 and wants a tax receipt, he/she should donate the money directly through the Humanity Fund via ETFO.

The funds are raised locally by each ETFO Bargaining Unit, but administered provincially by the Humanity Fund.

A Letter of Understanding has been signed between the Board and the local so that the School Board can deduct the sum of $19.40 from each participating member’s pay cheque. This happens  once per year during the 23rd pay period which falls in November.

The Fund’s overhead is low and most of the money is spent in the field with less on administration compared to other charitable organizations.

6.     How It Is Organized:

The ETFO Humanity Fund is run by a Board of Directors from the Provincial ETFO Executive.
The Committee is responsible for developing project review guidelines for both one-time and on-going support.  The Fund works with non-governmental organizations, labour funds and Teacher organizations to ensure the projects are viable.  Once the money is collected it is increased by CIDA matching grants of 3 to 1 for certain projects.

7.     Why Should Upper Grand ETFO Members Care About a Humanity Fund?

Upper Grand ETFO members care about children and education both here in Canada and abroad.  Many of us already contribute to important work in the developing world through contributions to organizations such as Save The Children, Red Cross or World Vision.  Many of us contribute to the United Appeal through the Board’s payroll deduction.

The ETFO Humanity Fund is our Federation’s own charitable foundation.  It is organized by our members, run by our members and provides resources to projects that support children and their Teachers.  One of our Federation’s objectives is to “…continue a leadership role in such areas as anti-poverty, non-violence and equity.”

The ETFO Humanity Fund is a way for our members here in Upper Grand to join with other ETFO locals in Ontario and collectively make a difference.  Together as a “community of givers” we can contribute to the well-being of thousands of people in need.  Together we can demonstrate our commitment to education and children here and abroad.

Participating in the Humanity Fund is a tangible expression of the social conscience and commitment that Upper Grand Teachers bring to their work and their world.  It identifies our federation as a progressive and caring social force that is able to see beyond our everyday needs to those outside our own borders.