Friendship Bench Application

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Kill It With Kindness and the Upper Grand ETFO Teachers’ Local

(Find a PDF copy of the application below)

Since 2013, the Upper Grand ETFO Teachers’ Local Executive has sponsored the placement of a Friendship Bench at schools within our board. The bench is a colorful, permanent reminder that our teachers and students are committed to supporting each other and to promoting a culture that is free from bullying and harassment. The Local Executive has approved funding for one bench to be placed during the 2015-16 school year.

Application Timeline

Schools interested in the Upper Grand ETFO-sponsored bench should complete the application and submit any required materials by February 12, 2016. The Executive will consider the applications and make a determination at the February 22 meeting.


Once approved, Vice-President Lanny Fleming will be in touch before March Break with the selected school to make arrangements for the presentation and unveiling of the Bench. We will facilitate the scheduling with Kill It With Kindness and the successful school.


Schools that have already received a bench from the Upper Grand ETFO Teachers’ Local are not eligible to apply for another bench in this process.


  1. Fill in the attached sheet with your school and contact information.
  2. Prepare a submission for the Executive which addresses the following:
    1. Current efforts around anti-bullying
    2. Students’ attitudes towards bullying
    3. How a Friendship Bench would enhance your school
  3. The submission may be in any format (written, audio, visual, etc.). Please contact Lanny to ensure that the submission can be shared correctly.


Please be sure to observe copyright laws and Board policies regarding identification of students.


Any questions regarding the Friendship Bench and the Local’s support should be directed to Vice-President Lanny Fleming at Orchard Park.

Friendship Bench Application 2015-16

Please use an additional sheet if necessary.

Name of School:
Teacher Contact(s) (please include name, phone and email):


If more than one teacher is involved, please indicate one as the primary contact.

Are there any committees, student groups, or individual classes involved?


Expected date for Bench Presentation (optional, and subject to change):


Summary of your submission (written, video clip, web link, etc.):


If you are hoping to present directly to the Executive, please contact Lanny before submitting the application.

Please complete your submission no later than:

Friday, February 12, 2016.


Friendship Bench package 2016

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