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May 26, 2017

Dear Colleagues:

P.A. Day — June 9 is a Professional Activity Day
The day is divided into two sections — the morning is for Board use and the afternoon is provided for teachers to work on assessment and evaluation or report writing.  You are welcome to work from home in the afternoon, but you must provide your administrator with two days’ notice of your intention to do so.  Please note that this provision is new and is a result of our negotiations last year.

Professional Judgement:
Please remember that we now have language around the use of Professional Judgement in our Collective Agreement.  This may be used to inform your assessment and report writing.  Please access the documents on our website or via the link

Susan Lott — Office Manager Away from Office

Please be aware that our Office Manager, Susan Lott, will be away from the office between Friday, May 26 and Friday June 9, returning to the office on Monday, June 12th.  All emails regarding the Retirement Celebration on June 16th and PD Funding will be addressed and replied to when she returns on June 12th.  This includes emails sent to as well as

We appreciate your patience while Susan is absent from the office!

Internet issues in schools
Thank you to the members and Stewards who have brought issues of Internet connectivity, band width, use of devises and computers during EQAO, etc to our attention.  We are aware of the problem and so is the Board.
This is affecting the work our teachers do and has a direct impact on student learning when teachers are expected to utilize technology in all areas of the curriculum.  We will be raising the issue with the Board again when we meet next week.

Thanks for all of your hard work to support student learning — the rainy weeks have not helped. As always, please feel free to direct any questions to your Orchard Park team.  I wish all of you a wonderful weekend.


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