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Upper Grand ETFO works with a number of different groups both within Dufferin and Wellington Counties, and beyond to support our members, public education, students, and workers’ rights.

ETFO provincial logoElementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Upper Grand ETFO is a Local branch of the provincial organization. The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is the professional and protective organization representing over 76,000 teachers, occasional teachers, and education professionals employed in the public elementary schools of Ontario. All public elementary teachers in Ontario are active members of ETFO provincially, and also a member of one of its 68 locals across the province.



 OTF logoThe Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF)

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation represents the approximately 160,000 teachers in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. It is the unifying voice safeguarding their profession, pensions and public education. This is a mandate that OTF has met for 70 years.



CLC logoThe Canadian Labour Congress

The Canadian Labour Congress represents the interests of more than three million affiliated workers in every imaginable occupation from coast to coast to coast. The CLC is the umbrella organization for dozens of affiliated Canadian and international unions, as well as provincial federations of labour and regional labour councils.



The Ontario Federation of Labour

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) is the province’s “house of labour” and serves as an umbrella group for working people and their unions. From its inception in 1957, the OFL has grown to represent over one million Ontario workers belonging to more than 1,500 locals from 54 affiliated unions, making it Canada’s largest provincial labour federation.


Guelph & District Labour Council

Guelph and District Labour Council



OCT logoThe Ontario College of Teachers

The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) was established in 1997 to allow teachers to regulate and govern their own profession in the public interest. Teachers who work in publicly funded schools in Ontario must be certified to teach in the province and be members of the College.


ETFO logo without lettersUpper Grand Occasional Teachers

UGOT is the union that represents 500 employees of the Upper Grand District School Board who are Daily Occasional Teachers or Long Term Occasional Teachers.