We’ve been hacked…

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Dear Members,

We regret to inform you that our website appears to have been hacked sometime in the past day or so. It seems to have been a “nuisance” hack, although we cannot be 100% sure.

The general member login (“ugteacher”) is attached to one of our office email accounts and therefore anyone who is not a Steward or an Executive member would not have any personal information in the database. A separate email has been sent to Stewards and Executive members with additional information.

During the hack, all of the logins were changed, meaning that no one could login to the site. In addition, there were changes impacting the appearance of the site – mainly just preventing the various widgets from displaying properly. Some of our more recent content may need to be reposted as well. Through our web hosting service, we have resolved the main issues and restored admin logins. However, I will need to go in and reset new passwords for all accounts. This will take some time and I thank you in advance for your patience. I hope to have logins and passwords restored early next week. In the meantime, only the “public” part of our website, not requiring a login, will be accessible. If you need information that is located in the members’ part of the website, please contact the office by phone or email and we will provide it.

Please share this information with other members.  Stewards can refer to the mailing of November 30 for other information that should be shared with your members at this time. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding this breach, please contact me.

Yours in Federation,


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